Ámhrán na gCupán* – Coláiste Lurgan

Every summer, many young Irish people go to Irish colleges in the Gaeltacht (parts of the country where people speak Irish daily) for two or three weeks. Students from the ages of twelve to eighteen are hosted by local families and are discouraged from speaking any English during their stay.

A typical day in Irish college consists of Irish classes in the morning in the local community hall, sports/beach in the afternoons and céilís (traditional set dancing) in the evenings.

Two years ago, 600 young people in an Irish college in Connemara, Coláiste Lurgan, began producing songs as Gaeilge (in Irish) and uploading them onto their YouTube channel .

Their most recent video, Avvici v Lurgan – “Wake Me Up” as Gaeilge has been viewed over 1,500,000 times, and Avvici himself gave the version the thumbs up on facebook, commenting;

“This one is so cool! I can’t understand a word but I love it”.

The following video is their take of Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song from Pitch Perfect, I recently came across it and thought it deserved to be shared.

*Ámhrán na gCupán is the Irish for ‘Cup Song’.

Coláiste Lurgan’s own website is here: http://lurgan.biz/ and all songs can be downloaded free of charge. Details are available on their YouTube channel.

(Fun fact: the ‘cup technique’ appeared first in this video by a Swedish trio – so  the above video is brought to you by Irish teenagers, paying tribute to a song from an American musical which was in turn influenced by a group of Swedish teenagers paying tribute to a Swedish pop singer, as a friend of mine pointed out.)


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