Irish Department of Jobs’ Response to Emigration Figures

Last week I emailed the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to find out what their official response was to the CSO report on emigration.

Subject: Dept of Jobs’ Response to Emigration Figures


Dear Press Office,

I would be obliged if you could send me a copy of the Department of Jobs’ official response to yesterday’s CSO report .

I am particularly concerned by what the report called a “significant increase” in the net outward migration of Irish nationals since 2012.

(“However, among Irish nationals, net outward migration is estimated to have increased significantly, rising from 25,900 to 35,200”)

As a young Irish person who is not keen to emigrate, I await with anticipation information about what your department will do to combat this unprecedented rise.

Yours sincerely,

To my surprise, I received a reply within five minutes.

Thank you for your query.

Are you a Journalist? If yes, what publication are you writing for and what is your deadline for response.

Thank you

Best regards

Press Office

Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Ph: 631 2200 Fax: 6312828


Email Disclaimer:

Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Supporting The Gathering Ireland 2013.

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I responded to the queries as follows;

Thanks for your response.

I am freelance so I do not have any one publication, and my deadline is today.

Many thanks,

I received a promise to respond with haste;

Thank you for that.

The Department will endeavor to get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

Best regards

Press Office

Sure enough, within the day I received the below response: <>


Good afternoon ..

I refer to your query this morning in relation to the above. Please find below the response, which should be attributed to a Department spokesperson:

The only way that Government can respond to the unacceptable level of emigration which we inherited is by supporting increased employment creation in Ireland. That is the top priority of Government, and the driving force behind programmes such as the Action Plan for Jobs, which marshals the energies of all 15 Government Departments as well as 46 Agencies to support increased employment creation.

Today’s figures indicate that since that plan was launched, more than 30,000 additional people are at work in Ireland and shows that, while we have a long way to do, the plan is working. The challenge now is to build on that progress, accelerate that trend so that we can resolve the employment and emigration crisis that we inherited, create the jobs we need and provide employment for all our people.

Kind regards.

Press Office

Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Ph: 631 2200 Fax: 6312828



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